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About XOE:

Born from HIBY, HIBY has focused on the R&D of Hi-Fi DAPs, and made great efforts to achieve high precision in every aspect of audio processing, so that every user can devote themselves to listening to their favorite music. In daily life, we may not be able to use professional music players all the time, but smartphones, tablets or laptops are often accompanied. Therefore, this was the first time we deeply integrated HiBy Music’s headphone audio design team and top decoders development, and designed a portable, lightweight, high-fidelity dynamic earphone, which is for daily music listening, and at the same time supports DSD128 natively/ PCM384 kHz decoded.

Xoe, from the Greek meaning "Life/living". Although the name has a long history, it carries a youthful and energetic character. We expect that Xoe will not only be easy to listen to high-definition music at any time, but also carries the profound meaning of opening the X series of earphones.

Xoe uses a native digital interface and built-in HiFi DAC for ESS, which supports native decoding of audio format up to DSD128/PCM384 kHz (32-bit). It is not only able to listen to streaming high-resolution music at any time, but also can listen to local high-resolution audio files through HiBy Music’s exclusive USB mode. To allow the details of the music to reach our ears, the earbuds are carefully tuned acoustically and equipped with high-definition dynamic drivers with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) diaphragms and silver-plated audio cables. In addition, the high-sensitivity microphone can support daily incoming calls and high-fidelity recordings without external signal or interference.

Definition of one word:

Xoe is HIBYDIGITAL’s first DLC dynamic earphones with native digital interface and DSD hardware decoding. Equipped with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) high-resolution dynamic drivers and silver-plated Audiophile cables, professionally tuned and integrated with a HiFi-class DAC from ESS, Xoe lets you listen to original, high-bitrate Ultra HD music using your smartphone/tablet at any time. Meanwhile, the built-in high-sensitivity Xoe microphone can support daily incoming calls and high-definition recordings without external signal or interference.

DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) Diaphragm: High-hardness diamond-like carbon diaphragm enhances HIBYDIGITAL Xoe’s performance in reproducing musical details, and its light weight also helps its high-frequency extension.

8mm HiFi Dynamic Speakers: HiFi speakers still deliver excellent dynamic response and rich energy in the HIBYDIGITAL Xoe’s compact in-ear design, maximizing the reproduction of every rhythmic movement in the music.

Efficient driving of dual magnetic circuit: Using high-quality N52 magnetic cores, common in high-end speakers, with dual magnetic circuit structure, the driving efficiency of DLC diaphragms with sufficient hardness is improved, so that the details in the music can be easily released.

Precision Sound Cavity Design: Using reasonable airflow guiding structure, we improve the driving efficiency of HIBYDIGITAL Xoe as well, increase the clarity of music and instrumental singing. Meanwhile, excellent air pressure balance design, allowing the dynamic speakers to be correct "damping response”, so that the listening experience is more natural.

HIGH PURITY SILVER-PLATED CABLE: The silver-plated OFC music cable is specially shielded with hybrid braid, which not only effectively helps prevent HIBYDIGITAL Xoe from most external interference, but also combines the advantages of hybrid material. Made of copper and silver, so that Xoe’s sound is crystal and smooth.

Pure Digital Signal Processing: Independent decoding and processing of original digital signals from smartphones/tablets allows users to listen to crystal-clear, high-resolution music anytime, anywhere with HIBYDIGITAL Xoe.

ESS High-Resolution Decoder: The ES9270C decoder chip built into HIBYDIGITAL Power and high quality for Xoe.

Native Support DSD128 Hardware Decoding: As the first digital earphone that supports DSD hardware decoding, HIBYDIGITAL Xoe inherits HiBy Music’s comprehensive and mature audio processing solution, which can satisfy demanding music lovers anytime, anywhere.

Supports 384kHz/32-bit PCM decoding: Xoe can fully handle HD format playback of online streaming media.

Supports USB Audio Exclusive Mode: As a professional high-resolution audio playback software for iOS and Android, HiBy Music is popular with millions of music lovers around the world. HIBYDIGITAL Xoe seamlessly adapts to HiBy Music APP in smartphones, supports USB Audio exclusive mode, and can play all kinds of lossless formats in ideal mode.

Equipped with omnidirectional, high-sensitivity microphone: It is able to support daily incoming calls and high-definition recordings without external signal or interference.

Ergonomic 3-Button Controller Design: No matter you are listening to songs or talking on the phone, you are always in control, compatible with most smartphones and HiBy music players.

COMPACT USB-C DESIGN: The USB-C design allows HIBYDIGITAL Xoe to be easy to carry and greatly reduces connection torque to reduce the risk of damaging the smartphone holder even with daily use.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO WEAR DESIGN – With its easy-to-wear design and optimized tube angle, most users can wear the HIBYDIGITAL Xoe with ease. The compact size and lightweight acoustic chamber of the HIBYDIGITAL Xoe make it easy to wear, even with constant use.


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